CBD Lion Shatter 480mg Cherry Pie
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CBD Lion - Shatter 480mg - Cherry Pie

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Our CBD shatter is the perfect base for infusing into any other products you’re trying to create from your CBD. You can use our CBD shatter as an additive in foods or oils, including vaporizer e juices and any other kinds of oil you may want to consume.

Ingredients : MCT, CBD & Terpenes (No VG/PG, No Diacetyl & No Artificial Flavors)

May help with : Pain, Antioxidant, Inflammation, Muscle Relaxation, Insomnia, Anti-Fungal, Anxiety.

  • CBD : 480mg
  • 0.5 gram
  • Flavour : Cherry Pie
  • Infused with terpenes
  • CBD Shatter formulated to provide maximum flavor and the entourage effect